ECO 47 Beanie

Made from 95% Organic Cotton and 5% Elastane, this simple yet elegant looking beanie is a must for all brands looking to add an ECO line into the current mix of headwear. 

To make things simple the ECO 47 Beanie is only available in black. But don’t let that put you off the range, because as with all of our stocked headwear options we have a vast array of branding techniques to set this apart from the competition.

ECO 47 Beanie


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1Style Options

Style Options

Choose between our range of ECO 47 headwear options all made to the highest standards and using ECO and Sustainable fabrics.

2Colour Options

Colour Options

Our range of ECO 47 Headwear comes in a range of colour options.

3Branding Options

Branding Options

With a wide range of branding techniques available including 3D embroidery, woven labels, print and badges this is the point at which you can turn our range of plain stock into your own fully custom version.

Choose between our 50pcs package deals or our 100pcs package deals.

All package deals are based on stitch counts up to 5k.

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Anything is possible, your only limitation is your imagination – should you have any questions feel free to contact the sales team directly and we will be more than happy to help.

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