13th January 20175 Outstanding Branding Techniques


The potential techniques that a hat could have are virtually endless……

……and the constant change in styles and trends, forces brands (and marketing gurus) to keep growing and developing their ranges to stay successful. The possible creations and modifications that can be made to the humble hat are nothing short of infinite – so much so that they wouldn’t all fit in this blog.

So to keep it simple, here are a small number of branding techniques that can help your company evolve and do what all fashion brands aim to do………..stand out.

  • 3D Embroidery
  • Sublimated Print
  • Woven Labels
  • Rubber Print
  • Printed Taping

3D Embroidery:

A very popular technique which involves stitching thread over foam to create a 3D puff effect that stands out by “standing out”. This effect can now be achieved here in the UK too.

3D Embroidery Techniques

3D Embroidery Techniques

Sublimated print:

This allows for extremely detailed designs, such as photographs, to be printed onto hats using a heat transferable printer. This is a bespoke technique only.

Sublimated Underpeak Techniques

Sublimated Underpeak Techniques

Woven Labels:

A subtle addition to any cap or beanie. Woven labels, embroidered or printed, can be applied here in the UK or as part of a bespoke design.

Woven Label Techniques

Woven Label Techniques

Rubber Printing:

Great for applying single colour designs which have very fine detail. A cost effective and an incredibly durable application. Try and avoid printing over seams if you can – it doesn’t like seams.

Rubber is another specialist technique that is only available from bespoke – 144 pieces for rubber print and 1008 pieces for rubber badges (as there is a mould charge).

Rubber Jelly Printed Techniques

Rubber Jelly Printed Techniques

Printed or Woven Taping:

A really effective way of having covert messages or logos applied on the inside of the cap, either directly onto the seams or the sweatband. It is a very popular technique with retailers and adds a real element of class to any cap.


Custom printed taping and woven sweatband

Every designer aims to make their design stand out and draw customers in to buy the products, and make no mistake, this is exactly the same with hats.

So, whether you want to be as bold as possible or take a more subtle approach, these 5 branding techniques can be the perfect foundations of any successful design.

For further details about 3D embroidery please contact the SL Black Label sales team on 01376 560380 or email the sales team at sales@slblacklabel.co.uk

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