08th May 20177 innovative ideas for hat lovers.

7 innovative ideas for hat lovers that can make your brand stand out.

“Innovative designs can mean the difference in getting your brand seen or blending into the background”.

The high street has huge shifts in both trend and style, so the clothing brands that we have come to know and love constantly need ways to remain bold, original and more importantly; current.One of the key ways that some of the largest fashion brands in the world make their products memorable, is by applying innovative branding techniques. It is so important to get this right, as it truly does make or break a product.

To help you choose which branding technique is right for you and your new range, we have handpicked 7 methods which we think really work.

7. Patterned embroidery.

Available as an in-house service, patterned embroidery is a great way to make 3D embroidery stand out even more.

Key points:

  • Available in the UK.
  • Available in all colours.
  • Available in a variety of patterns.

A cost effective and bold opportunity that can be quickly produced. The main takeaway is that it is a versatile option that is available with our in house service.

6. Laser cutting.

Removing parts of the material using a laser to create bespoke patterns.

Key points:

  • Unlike any other branding technique as you are taking fabric away as opposed to applying.
  • Use of infrared lasers to create patterns.

Knowing that a hat can be branded by the use of lasers is nothing short of amazing.

5. Liquid metal.

Moulding plastic and adding a silver colour creates a metallic looking design. This makes the technique bold, clean and creative.

Key points:

  • Metallic themed.
  • An advanced way to brand a product.
  • Detailed.

Other than the fact that liquid metal is limited in the colour options available we can’t really find fault with it.

4. Jelly print.

Jelly is not just for birthday parties! The single colour print gives an aesthetic feel to the design.

Key points:

  • Jelly-like feel.  
  • Available in matt or gloss finish.
  • Durable.
  • Not edible!

Jelly print is an interesting innovation but similar to the liquid metal. It is an innovative technique that has to be felt to be truly appreciated.

3. Glow in the dark embroidery.

The only innovation on this list that can be acknowledged by day and by night.

Key points:

  • Glows a luminous green when dark.
  • Available in-house.

A great innovation and the fact that it’s available in-house is even more impressive.

2. Bottle opener peak.

You read that right! You can shade yourself from the sun and crack open a beer all in one product!

Key points:

  • Multi-functional.
  • A creative addition to the peak.

While this is certainly the most surprising, functional and creative innovation on this list, bottle openers are not put onto peaks for fashionable reasons, therefore, this branding technique has a niche audience.

1. Sublimation Print.

Sublimation is the king of all print. With its ability to replicate detailed imagery perfectly.

Key points:

  • High definition print detail
  • Available in polyester or nylon
  • Can be applied to any part of the hat

Although the fabrics that sublimation print can be applied to are limited, the amount of detail that is possible with sublimation is a massive drawing point.

These are just our pick of the top branding innovations – what are yours?

Do these creations have the potential to be fashion staples and money makers? We think so. With the sheer diversity of stylish items in the fashion market, there is a place for all of these innovations.

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