Chinese New Year Consolidation Offer

As one of our Top Customers, we wanted to give you the opportunity to make a massive saving on any new orders you place with us for your Spring/Summer 16 range Before Chinese New Year.

As we mentioned in the earlier email that we sent out to you Chinese New Year falls on the 8th February, which is much earlier than the past few years.


Well, basically we have a container on standby at our production facility ready to leave before CNY shut down, essentially what we are offering you is space on this container for all your orders and guaranteed delivery of your products before your S/S16 launch.  On top of this we are also offering massive savings on your orders due to the cost benefits of shipping in bulk.

All we ask for is that you can confirm you would like to take advantage of this offer so we can preliminary book production space for your orders before the END of November.  Once you have confirmed this we will be in a position to discuss your designs and pricing, giving you the option for our standard shipment, or the discounted consolidation shipment.

One of the sales team will be in touch in the following days to discuss any requirements for next years range, and to give you a better idea of the incredible savings that can be made.

Below are a few examples of what can be achieved, but we are sure you already have a good idea of what your designs for next year.

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