The Essential 47 range is our entry level collection. Each product is produced in accordance with the high standards that we pride ourselves on, but we use fabrics and production techniques which allow us to sell them at a lower price point.

However, do not be fooled and consider this range “sub-standard”, as this is far from the truth.  For SL Black label, the Essential 47 snap cap is where the journey began and many very successful brands have retailed the Essential 47, making a great impact with their customers.

Back when snapbacks were “the only urban fashion cap” it was all about shape, size, fit, and overall look, and we made very sure that we got this right. We have invested a lot of time and effort researching the different styles, shapes, and other important details, and what we have created is what we believe to be the best Snapback, at an incredible price.

With its durable Polyester Acrylic twill fabric and extra thick buckram to give the perfect shape, this truly is a great entry level Snapback. Plus, it’s available in a huge range of colours, and all fitted with the classic plastic snap adjuster to the rear.

This snapback cap works for most brands.  But if you want that little bit more, then check out the Classic 47 Snapback

Made from 100% Brushed cotton twill and fitted with a brass buckle adjuster, this cap is one to consider when you need something more traditional, but you’re looking for exceptional value.

Essential 47 Snapback - Maroon/Grey

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