12th April 2017The History of the Baseball Cap.


How the humble baseball cap came to be!

The Baseball Cap – a fashion and sporting icon all in one.

We have all worn a baseball cap at least once in our lifetime. Whether playing sports, camping, fishing or just heading out – it’s not uncommon to pop a hat on before we leave. From the retired to those who are still in school, everyone has worn a baseball cap.


Why do we wear caps?

It’s simple; caps have the perfect combination of style, function, mobility and affordability. Shielding our eyes from the sun while defining our beloved celebrities is just the start of how influential the baseball cap has been. Have you ever thought of just how important everyday caps are?

Origins of the cap.

It all started in the 1860s. The Brooklyn Excelsior’s wore the blueprint for one of the most popular fashion trends of all time. The cap itself featured a long peak and a top button. Typically the peak was shorter and less structured than our modern baseball cap but this is known as the ancestor of the modern day baseball cap.

The Brooklyn Excelsior's

The Brooklyn Excelsior’s

The baseball cap was (and still is) an important way to identify a team and an important part of their uniform.

It’s clear that the humble cap has stood the test of time.

With help from the influence of hip hop/ R&B they became a fashionable icon outside of the sport of baseball in the 1940s. But since the 80s it has been in and out of style. As of now it is at the height of popularity once again.

As of today the cap is widely known as a product that is both casual and stylish. It’s on the heads of some of our biggest icons for example Kendall Jenner, Kanye West and Rhianna all wear baseball caps.

Rhianna - Kanye West - Kendall Jenner

Rhianna – Kanye West – Kendall Jenner

Since the 21st century women have starting wearing caps for both function and fashion which wasn’t the case in the 80s and 90s.

Whether you want a subtle accessory, a messy-hair cure or if you want to make a fashion statement, the cap is a great choice.

This timeless classic is an ideal fashion product and a must have for any clothing brand today.

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