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This page has been developed to help you envisage the types of branding that can be achieved on a cap or a beanie. Here we quickly go through a bunch of the different ways branding or graphics can be applied to our headwear. For each example we give a quick description and a detail image. We’ll add more as we develop new and innovative branding methods. As always, if you have any questions, give us a call.


Using the latest embroidery technology and premium Madeira threads, we are able to offer high quality and highly detailed embroidered logos, slogans and other branding elements across the full range of headwear

3D Embroidery

A raised version of our standard embroidery. This allows the branding elements to literally stand proud of the cap. This technique uses a backing foam to raise the stitches by around 2mm from the hat. Perfect to highlight signature elements.


Quite literally “raise” the profile of your branding using this stunning 3D effect. Our 3D Print is raised approximately 2mm from the face of the product. 3D Print is available in seven sttunning matt finish colours. Give us a call for more details

Flock Print

This process with its velvety feel, adds a touch of luxury to the branding on your cap. Flock Print gives you that familia textured soft feel effect that is popular with so many big brand hoodies. Flock Print is available in 30 vivid colours.

Rubber Print

A branding technique that has become synonymous with sportswear brands. The rubber print has that soft rubberised textured feel. As a branding technique it is both durable and versatile, due to its unique stretchability. Rubber Print is available in 39 colours.

Digital Print

This is perfect for when your branding is highly intricate or uses a rainbow of colours and tones. Digital print is the best option for near photographic reproduction of logos and branding elements. With the latest technology we can print both 5 and 6 panel caps including over seams!

Direct Laser Etching

This is available on a selection of our stocked headwear, allowing for detailed tonal branding to etched directly onto the fabric of the cap. The finished esigns will vary due to the fabric and colour, but in most cases the designs will come out darker on our range of polyester caps.

Laser Etched Patches

The patches are available in a Tan or Grey PU fabric. This can then be laser cut to almost any shape you desire. These can then be laser etched to give a darker finish to the badge. These badges can be applied to our full range of headwear (including beanies).

Reasons to call us today...


Innovative branding is something that we pride ourselves on delivering.

These processes will give your next headwear range a truly bespoke feel, added to which, they are fully OEKE-TEX certified, so ethically you have peace of mind.



All the innovative print processes above are produced and applied right here in the UK using our state of the art manufacturing equipment.  

So, you can recreate yours or your client’s branding and apply it to almost every style within our 256 SKU range.


Having the ability to offer a fully integrated in-house service enables us to offer quick lead-times and low MOQ’s, with no additional waiting time from external suppliers.

Turn-around times are as little as 2 weeks from approval, and the MOQ is as low as 50 units per order.

Need More DESIGN Inspiration?

Have a look at our latest ‘Lookbook’. It’s where we take a whole bunch of great examples of branding and put them in one easy to flick through document. You can either download it, or look at it online.

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