27th June 2014Profit Making from Headwear.

Here is a little nugget of insider info about how to make money from headwear.

As a brand the only thing that matters is making money.  As crude as its sounds, money is what makes running a business worthwhile.

Small or large established brands all have to start somewhere, and SL Black Label understand that when you first set up, every little bit of money you have saved ends up been used in getting your brand up and running, so of course you want to be getting the very most out of your initial investment.

We want to help. How?  Well below is a helpful guide on how to add more value to your headwear range.

Before we start take a look at this statement…


Too good to be true you say?  Well actually no it’s not.

Put simply if you were to purchase 144 off the shelf snapbacks, with your logo embroidered to the front of the cap at around £7/pc you would be looking at an initial investment or £1008 +VAT.   From experience you could easily sell these hats for a minimum of £20 meaning £2880 in total sales, minus your initial investment and you are left with a not so shabby £1872 profit.  Not only that but you would only have to sell 50 out of the 144 hats to break even and start making a profit.

Sound Good, Yeah?

But wait, a very small step up in price = a huge leap forward in desirability and profit.

Let us explain, by investing an additional 28% per cap, into a fully customised Snapback, with any number of branding options, fabrics, colours etc you can pretty much double you profit.  Don’t believe us well let the figures do the talking.

28% Increase in cost from our off the shelf stock may sound a lot but in all reality it equates to an additional £2/cap.

Instead of £7/cap you now spend £9/cap, which gives you an endless choice of customisation.

144 Caps at £9/pc gives you an initial investment of just under £1300.  Now bear in mind that you are getting a much more desirable product, you could easily sell these at £30/pc giving you a total sales figure of just over £4000 which equate to  a total profit in the region of £3000.  That’s around a 60% increase over an off the shelf option, with just a small £2.00 increase per cap.

… It’s a guaranteed way to make your money go further, to help you develop your brand and more importantly make a profit.

By paying a few pounds extra for a “Custom” Snap Back, you get something that replicates your creativity perfectly….FACT!

Below are just a small example of what can be achieved by up-spec’ing your headwear options.

By using our bespoke service and selecting the very best fabrics and techniques from our SEDEX and ethical and environmentally approved factories, you will create the perfect cap that will get the whole industry talking. You have our word that you will never look back

For further information please feel free to contact the sales team and we will be more than happy to help.

 PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL PRICES QUOTED ARE SUBJECT TO YOUR DESIGNS AND ARE THERE AS EXAMPLES ONLY – Pricing for OFF THE SHELF STOCK ranges from £6-£10/pc with Custom options ranging from £8-£12/pc

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