14th December 2015Quality that will set your brand apart.


Quality has always been our top priority, but we understand the need to listen to our customers needs and wishes and continue to push.

SL Black Label is nearing its 3rd Birthday and a lot has changed over those 3 very short years.  When we initially sat down to discuss the project it was essentially going to be an outlet to help disgruntled fashion brands purchase quality bespoke snapbacks and headwear.

In a matter of months the first incarnation of our website was live and with that we were starting to talk to more and more brands, learning about what they wanted and needed from a headwear supplier – fast forward to today and SL Black Label is nothing like it was.  We are now stocking a wide range of Snapbacks, Beanies and other headwear options here in the UK and, along with our IN HOUSE embroidery service, we are now supplying high quality branded headwear in a matter of 14days.

On top of this, our bespoke service goes from strength to strength with new and exciting designs, styles and branding options constantly being developed.


Just because things have developed and are working well we haven’t just sat back.  In the past few months, we have been speaking to a number of customers, past and present, and have taken all your comments on board.

Your biggest request was better quality caps.  Now we pride ourselves on having some of the best caps available and there are plenty of other brands out there supplying Snapbacks etc.  But we don’t want to be like them, we want to be known for supplying the best quality headwear to the Independent Fashion labels, so we went back to the drawing board and looked at ways to improve our stocked snapbacks.


This is what we have come up with –  The Classic 47.

Initially, it may look like nothing has changed, but take our word for it, the little changes that have been made make a massive difference.

So let us get down to business with the changes;

  • Closer attention to the overall makeup of the cap.
    •  All of our Classic 47 caps are checked at every stage of production – close attention is made when sewing the peak to the crown to make sure the finish is clean and straight.
  • Upgrade of the sweatband.
    • A 100% cotton sweatband has been added along with additional stitching to once again keep everything looking clean and straight.
  • Relaxed Fit.
    • We have added to the overall diameter of the cap – not by much but just enough that, when not on your head and the snap adjuster is set to its standard fitment, there is no pinching to the fabric.  This also means on large heads there is a little bit more adjustment than before.
  • Cotton Underpeak.
    • Additional time and care are taken when stitching the cotton trim to the under peak, making sure that the finish is clean and crisp with little to no creasing – this has been made a key quality control point in production.
  • We’ve also added a simple branded label.
    • The original composition label which has to be in place by law has now been hidden behind the sweatband, and a nice simple SL Classic 47 label has been added adding to the overall quality of the cap.

We are currently updating the whole range, but we have Black, Black/Grey, Black/Red, Grey, Navy & Red available to order today.

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