04th May 2017The Ultimate spring guide for hat wearers – part two

Be the king of spring in 2017.

Now that we are firmly set in spring we have put together a style guide specifically for this season. To get up to speed with the full guide read part one.

Spring is a hard season to dress for and the transition from cold to warm weather can be a tricky one. That is the same for hat lovers as well so let’s explore how you can accessorise your spring garb.

Bucket hats.

The bucket hat is back! A simple but distinctive design has shaped this hat into the timeless classic that we know today. Whilst bucket hats have drifted in and out of style, this iconic survivor of the headwear world is now back in fashion and things seem to be looking good for the bucket hat heading into spring and summer.


What type of bucket hat should I wear?

The bucket hat doesn’t have too much diversity in the styles that you can wear; that makes your choice an easy one! You can either go classically plain or add a print for a slightly bolder look.

Keep the colours of the hat light and bright, remember this is the season of colour. That means blacks, navies and dark greys are for autumn not spring. Take inspiration from the bucket hats that the iconic Stone Roses have worn:

View our bucket hats:

Everything else.

Custom 47 Headwear Range

There are still headwear heavyweights that we have not discussed such as trilby’s, sun hats or flat caps. The truth is, you know your style so take hold of it and make it your own. Whether you want a more traditional piece of headwear or a hat more tailored to you, it’s important to have something on your head to stay stylish.

Here are a few of the hats that you could invest in this spring:


The popularity of trilbies has been increasing for a few years now. An aura of class and informality may be the reason as to why so many people have converted to them. So why not give the trusty trilbies a try?

Flat caps.

Flat caps have experienced a strong resurgence as of late making them casual fashion staples in 2017. Flat caps are gentleman-like without the formality and can be a great addition to many casual spring outfits.


The list of celebrities affiliated with wearing a fedora is almost endless. Icons such as Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra and more recently Bruno Mars are synonymous with wearing fedoras. The fabrics and shapes are almost limitless but we recommend picking a cotton or felt fedora in natural earthy colours for this spring.

Spring is a time for a more relaxed style of dressing. The darker colours of autumn and winter should be put away for another year and replaced with brighter tones, creams or pastel colours.

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