25th April 2017The Ultimate spring guide for hat wearers – part one

Be the king of spring in 2017.

As we move into British summer it’s time to banish the array of winter headwear to the back of the wardrobe. So what is hip in headwear for the spring season of 2017? Well, in this first part of our spring guide we explore some of the great headwear options there are available right now.

What do hat lovers wear on their heads?

Well there are several options available but the main thing to take into consideration is what works best for you. Whether you want to make a fashion statement or want something just to shade your eyes from the sun – there’s a hat out there for you.

Baseball caps.

Of course, the beloved ‘dad cap’ makes an appearance on this list! With a heritage that goes back as far as the 1860s it’s clear this immortal icon isn’t going anywhere. As popular as ever, the baseball cap has received a boost from the amount of celebrities wearing it these days. For example, Kendall Jenner and Kanye West both wear baseball caps.

Kendall Jenner


What type of cap should I wear?

There are several options for you to take but the main thing to consider is that a lightweight cap is important this time of year. You don’t want your head to overheat. That means stay away from wool and heavy fabric products until September.

Classic 47 Chino.

Don’t be afraid to wear the bright, vibrant colours that spring is known for. This means yellows, oranges and pinks are all welcome this time of the year.

Classic 47 Chino

Classic 47 Chino.

Classic 47 Suede.

Or keep it subtle while using pastel or sandy colours:

Classic 47 Suede

Classic 47 Suede.

But choosing the hat is only half the solution with branding being the other half. Embroidery is the clear option whether it’s 3D or flat. (For more information about our in-house capabilities look at our Engine room blog).

We suggest a flat and smaller design with a subtle cap, but the versatility of the baseball cap means a 3D bold design could still work well.

When can I wear a baseball cap?

Generally speaking, baseball caps tend to be suitable for most occasions. The laid-back nature of them means they can go with casual outfits and be used for ‘messy hair days’. Don’t be afraid to wear it with smarter outfits either – the baseball cap can be a classy accessory. Not quite classy enough for a suit or a cocktail dress though.

Our top picks for spring:



Ever since the 80s the popularity of snapbacks has been increasing and they are now an ever stylish headwear accessory. Originating in America in areas such as New York and Los Angeles. A combination of popular music groups such as the N.W.A., and superstar sporting athletes like Michael Jordan adopting the style, meant that snapbacks soon became the leader of urban headwear.



What type of snapback should I wear?

Being as versatile as the snapback is, you have plenty of options with the colour, embroidery or how bold you want to be. Plain snapbacks in neutral colours can work well as an understated accessory, or you can be a little more daring and invest in 3D embroidery to the centre. We would recommend a snapback in a darker more neutral colour with a bold 3D design – this gives you a stylish urban look.

When can I wear the snapback?

Stick to the urban roots with this one. While it is a streetwear staple, snapbacks are hardly inspiring as formal wear. Pair them with t-shirts, jeans and tracksuits to achieve a cool look.


But that’s not all

This is only half the list, click here to see the other 2 must-have hats for this spring: The Ultimate spring guide for hat wearers – part two.

For further details about any of the products listed above, or to discuss your SPRING headwear options please feel free to contact the sales team today on +44(0)1376 560380 or email sales@slblacklabel.co.uk

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