29th May 2014Introducing Sublimated Beanies. Available to order now.

Sublimated Beanies Examples

We are really excited to introduce these amazing looking Sublimated Beanies.

Why are we so excited, well just take a look at some of the below examples.

The detail that can be achieved is exceptional, take the City Scape as an example; this was a photograph that has been sublimated straight onto the polyester outer lining.


  • All of our sublimated beanies are made in the UK, with the minimum orders starting from 3000pcs.
  • You have a wide range of options, such as the colour of the yarn, whether you have a turn-up or not, the addition of a bobble to the top of the beanie, and that’s even before we start talking about the sublimation side of things.
  • With the sublimation aspect of the beanies, anything is possible, for digitally created designs to hi-res photos of landscapes, patterns or even BAKED BEANS. All we ask for is that the artwork is at least 300dpi so as to be able to recreate the design on to the polyester fabric.
  • The sublimated outer is then stitched to the knitted acrylic base and any embroidery is then added after. These are truly bespoke items and made to the highest standard and finishes.


  • 100% Acrylic knitted beanie – available in a range of solid colours.
  • 100% Polyester outer.
  • Made in the UK delivery in 3-4 weeks subject to confirmation of order and approval.

Pricing varies depending on style and finish – Head over to our ONLINE ORDER PAGE to place your order request today  or  contact us to discuss your requirements.

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