18th August 2015WHY DO YOU WEAR A HAT?


There is so many reason why we wear hats!

It’s Monday morning. Who is this guy looking back at me in the mirror? What’s going on with his hair? There is no way I have the required two and a half hours needed to sort this mess out – think it’s a cap day!!

1 nil up at half time, time for a change of ends, that means the sun in my eyes!! Where’s my cap??

I’m going all out military today, I’ll wear my olive and camo cap with my army shirt. I love this look!

Damn…there’s paparazzi outside…it’s so tough being famous…had a heavy night with all my A-list buddies, think I’ll hide behind my sunglasses and put on a baggy beanie…and make a run for the car!!

These are just a few badly written – very corny and hastily thought up reasons to wear headwear!

Bad hair days, purely functional – to keep the sun out of your eyes, as a fashion item or even as a disguise.

There are many reasons to wear a cap or beanie and many styles of caps to complement that choice.

Do you ever notice people wearing hats in public and think…why are they wearing that?? It’s a fun game and sometimes glaringly obvious. Do you ever look at someone wearing a cap and start following them to try and get a look at the logo so you can buy that hat…only for them to realise they are being followed which leads to some kind of hasty uncomfortable walking speed foot race?…no me neither!!

We would love to hear the reasons why you wear headwear and your favourite style of headwear…and any stories you might have about the lengths you have gone to find a certain cap…as long as they are clean and preferably do not involve stalking!!!

Show us your HAT and the reason why using #SLBLWEAR  on our Instagram Feed today – be part of the SL Black Label INSTAGRAM community.



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