13th March 2015AND THE WINNER IS……


The winner of our first ever competition of 50 Branded Snapbacks worth over £400 is…….



STACKAMILLION Clothing winner of our 50 Branded Snapbacks Worth over £400


UPDATE 1 – 13/3/15

So where do we go from here?  The winner has been contacted and now is where the fun starts.  Who are Stackamillion Clothing?  Here is a small background to who they are and what they do.

“Stackamillion Clothing Is A UK Based Lifestyle & Clothing Brand For The Believers & by that, we mean that Stackamillion is a brand that carries its meaning in its name & the message we are creating is for individuals to realize that they have the potential to unlock their own doors and become successful.

Our Goal Is To Make Sure Our Wearers & Those Around Them To Feel Motivation To Work Harder For A Better Future & Life & Also To Have A Constant Reminder To Simply Stack A Million”.


Design Ideas.

So the first step after we announced the winner was to contact them and get their designs and ideas ready to start creating the actual caps.  Once we had the designs we sat down with our art team to create a range of ideas which we felt could work.

This is what we came up with….

Winner Visuals

This is what we created for the winner – 4 designs all of which have been based on our range of stocked snapbacks, with 3D embroidered logo to the front and a simple embroidery to the rear.

UPDATE 2 – 18/3/15

Embroidery Files.

So the cap designs have been approved the next step is to create the embroidery disc ready to run on the machines.  These are called DST files and basically they are a digital stitch template which tells the embroidery machine how to run the logo, where to start and where to finish.


This is the printout to the DST file which gives our embroidery guys a full run down of the stitch counts and running process.


Example of the logo after being created in a DST file ready to be embroidered

UPDATE 3 – 20/3/15

The Physical Sample.

Now this is where the fun really starts – so far its all be 2-dimensional images, files and drawings, but things are about to change.  With the help of the DST file we spoke about above, we are now able to set the embroidery machine up to recreate the design in 3D to the front of the cap.

Check out the video below to see how we create amazing, clean looking 3D embroidery in house.



So the caps have been finished and we had the opportunity to meet Ant from Stackamillion the other day to hand over his 50 Branded Snapbacks.

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