30th January 2017How to wear your winter accessories

NO EXCUSE Winter Style

There’s no excuse to put your style on hold until the end of Winter!

Your style doesn’t have to be as dull as the weather is. As temperatures plummet this winter, you’ll see more and more people abandon their snazzy summer style, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of opportunities to stay or even become stylish in the harsher months of the year.

So let’s explore them….

A simple way to stay fashionable is to accessorise. They are a subtle addition to a winter outfit that can make all the difference on a dark cold day.

The timeless classics of the clothing world

Hats have been fashionable for centuries, whether worn by Frank Sinatra, Abraham Lincoln, Charlie Chaplin, David Beckham or even Indiana Jones, it’s clear that the humble hat is here to stay. It’s hard to say where and when it originated from. Who knows when the first animal skin was pulled over a humans head to protect against the elements? Whether it was during the famous ice age in the time of the iconic mammoths or before that, it’s safe to say that hats have stood the test of time.

But back to the 21st century; hats are a little more civilised now than torn carcasses and are used for both warmth and style. For cold weather purposes beanies are the ideal hat. They are designed to be casual, portable and efficient, an easy yet appropriate choice for most winter outfits. Beanies offer basic protection against the chill wind and sleet that winter offers; this makes them a very versatile accessory. Less is more so invest in a neutral colour that isn’t too bold, and be sure to take a minute or two to apply it smartly or casually (depending on your needs).

Beanies aren’t just streetwear products. By no means should one be perched upon your head while attending weddings or important meetings but that doesn’t mean you can’t look smart wearing one. A tight fitting and lightweight material could work well while you’re looking smart. But if you are going for a more relaxed look take inspiration from David Beckham and wear a slouched loose fitting beanie.

Find the balance that suits you.

Of course it’s important to keep your head warm, and if you value functionality a thick lined beanie or fleeced trapper hat would be the perfect choice. For a more detailed insight on warm winter essentials check out our Classic 47 Range:

The layered look.

Scarves, if worn correctly can really add some class to your winter outfit. There are many ways to tie your scarf and in all honesty, you just have to figure out the one that suits you best, so it’s important to try out different ways. But if you are truly lost then see how the classic loop and classic pull-through look on you.

Again try to stick to one or two solid neutral colours that match the rest of your outfit. Too bright and colourful and it may look a little too busy. They are a great staple as they can be used in many different ways to change an outfit.

Protect your Finger Tips!

Simple yet effective. Our hands tend to become the coldest part of our body in these stinging conditions, so be sure to acquire some good quality gloves. They can create a more subtle and muted fashion statement. Black, navy and dark grey tend to work best and don’t be afraid to upgrade to leather gloves if you want a classier and more high end product.

There are even gloves with special active material in the finger tips which allow you to use your Smartphone without having the annoying task of taking your gloves on and off.

In truth, these winter accessories don’t just have to be simple add-ons, but rather building blocks to a stylish winter appearance. Now is the time to stop hiding from the fashion freeze that is ruining your style and start your own spin on winter garb, with our Classic 47 Range or Custom 47 Range.

For further details about our range of Off the Shelf package deals or our Custom 47 range please feel free to contact the sales team – sales@slblacklabel.co.uk / +44 (0)1376 560380.

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