29th March 2017From YouTube Star to Brand Owner.


Anything is possible when you have loyal fans.

Over the past decade we have seen more and more YouTube stars emerge. With 1 300 000 000 people who currently use YouTube and having an average of 300 hours uploaded every minute it’s clear that the worlds eyes are constantly on the site.

From these intimidating stats YouTube stars have emerged and not only made a career from it but have become multi-millionaires.


So what’s their secret?

Why are YouTube stars so popular?

The general consensus is that YouTubers are more engaging, relatable and with less of a filter to what they say. ‘The girl or boy next door’ who is ‘just like us’ has always been popular with fans but on YouTube it is actually true. The fact that most big time YouTubers start filming in their bedrooms playing video games or making vlogs for no profit is inspiring.

This advantage over mainstream stars has shined through over recent years. Not only have YouTubers made immense amounts of money from their channels but have also branched off and made clothing brands.

A great example of this would be YouTube megastars and brothers KSI and CSG. Starting back in 2009 they filmed themselves playing video games and have evolved their own channels into short form videos that entertain millions.

They have their own respective brands of clothing that they have released aswell: KSI’s ‘Beast’ brand and CSG’s ‘Tank’ brand. From sitting in their bedrooms playing videos games they have both grown their own respective YouTube channels which has resulted in them releasing clothing brands, fame and a combined net worth of $7 million.

How do they sell their brands?


YOUTUBE – KSI and his BEAST Brand


Well they use their ‘YouTube power’ to simply showcase their brand in a subtle way. Wearing their own clothes with the bold ‘Beast’ or ‘Tank’ logo clearly shown on either a snapback or a t-shirt in the background of their videos. This is a technique that establishes their brand quickly, without cost or time to a wide and accurate audience.

If they can do it, then why not you?

Let’s not forget here that a lot of these stars started off as teenagers doing this, it’s not an impossible thing to do and anyone can achieve it.

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